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Emergency Planning Resources

Below are some basic "emergency planning" suggestions, as well as helpful links and resources gathered from various Washington Metropolitan area media.

In Case of an Emergency Evacuation

*  Rehearse your personal and family plan of escape.

*  Consider the special needs of elderly people and very young children.  

*  Know the green route signs which mark evacuation routes.

*  Keep emergency supplies in your home and in your car.  Check with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA - and the Red Cross ( for a list of supplies.

*  Consider your pet’s needs. 

Emergency Planning at Work

*  Emergency supplies at work include a battery radio, cell phone, sturdy shoes, medications, a flashlight, water, etc. Keep them near your work area in a portable pack.

*  If you have to take shelter at your worksite, know where to go for greatest protection, good ventilation and warmth.

*   Have a communication plan for keeping in touch with family and other people important to you.
*   Ask your workplace to post crisis procedures and its evacuation policy.

*   If you leave the workplace, let someone know where you are going.

*   For all employees:  maintain an up-to-date list of phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contact persons and their numbers.

*   Stay in contact with events by video, radio, phone, etc.

Web Resources - National - American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management - U.S. Center for Disease Control  - U. S. Department of Health and Human Services - U. S. Department of Justice -   U. S. Department of Homeland Security
CHEM/BIO Hotline 800-424-8802
FBI Headquarters Operations Center 202-323-3300
DC Metro Area Resources - Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia
Arlington County Public Health - 703-228-4992
D.C. Emergency Management Agency (24 hour) - 202-727-6161
   (for hearing impaired - 202-727-3323)
Fairfax County Hotline - 703-817-7771
Montgomery County Health Department - 240-777-1755
Prince Georges County Health Department - 301-883-7879
Anne Arundel County - 410-222-7256
Baltimore City - 410-396-4436
Baltimore County - 410-887-6011
Charles County - 301-609-6900
Frederick County - 301-600-1029
Howard County - 410-313-7500
Prepared by Helene King, PhD, CEAP
For additional information, please contact us at 202.628.5100 or by e-mail.