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How Employees Can Protect Themselves and Their Families

Preparing Your Family for an Emergency

Some basic "emergency planning" suggestions, as well as helpful links and resources gathered from various Washington Metropolitan area media. [More...]

Helping Children Cope

Talk of a "pandemic" can be unsettling for young people. Children sense confusion and uncertainty even when it is not discussed directly with them. You can help a child or young person prepare. First, talk about the flu and what to expect. [More...]

Reduce The Risk of Infection

Health officials have begun to administer a vaccine to help prevent the spread of the flu. But there are a few health basics that can stave off infection. [More...]

Taking Care of the Sick At Home

Staying healthy is of prime importance when talking about the flu. In the event someone in your family does get sick, this home health care guide offers steps to take, and possible medicines and over-the-counter products to keep on hand. [More...]